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Would love to have a house that wraps round a courtyard.Thayer House - Modern spacious single family residence designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects situated in California, US.

elegant courtyard of Tongin gallery, insadong, seoul

모든 시민은 기자다

Ancient City of Ping Yao, Shanxi, China

A residential courtyard in ancient Chinese city Ping Yao, Shanxi Province

A courtyard residence in Pingyao, an ancient city in Shanxi Province, China

We are staying in a courtyard hotel in PingYao. PingYao has many courtyard homes that have been converted to Hotels. We are staying at a courtyard hotel called Yi De. The courtyards, room, and restaurant are great.

courtyards in  | Nice traditional style Korean B in Old Town - Sophia Guest House ...

It's not a traditional cob idea - but I am seriously thinking of a central courtyard enclosed by my cob home. (Sophia Guest House: The central courtyard)

hanok architecture - Google Search

Five reasons to stay in a hanok while traveling in Korea. The kitchen of Hyangdan was used as a backdrop for the steamy Korean film Bangja Chronicles (방자전).