AOKI. hayato & haruka nakamura

hayato & haruka nakamura My presentation board didn't use the whole space available. This poster uses the whole space without overcrowding it. A gentle wash of colour is used as a background.

따라 하기도 힘든 컬러 구성과 그래픽 컨셉은 몽환적인 느낌을 준다

博物現身館 Exhibition Poster Design", - Graphic Poster by 'O;OO printing & design room' Design Studio, (Taiwan) ~ [this Studio is formed by two graphic designers since 2014 in Taipei].


Giddy+UpWhat do you get when you combine a love for Helvetica, Swiss style poster art and horse racing jockey shirts. The short answer. Giddy+Up.Today I gave myself a 3 hour branding exercise to develop my skills. I am a sucker for cool race horse na…

Mitsuo Katsui  *색조합, 착시효과(면>>입체)

"Letters and Life" poster by Mitsuo Katsui. I believe it's an ad for some kind of font. Love the blurred lines and colouring.

gridologie:  Just finished this one. Santa Monica Pier Poster.

gridologie: Just finished this one. - Definitely feel like there is something here with perhaps taking illustration in a new direction.

Schtoi posters | Schick Toikka

Schick Toikka is a type foundry and graphic design studio established in 2010 by Florian Schick and Lauri Toikka.

Studio Darius Ou is a design office based in Singapore, offering art direction and graphic design services to commercial and cultural fields.

Print : poster Art ArtWork Visual Composition Graphic Cover

ingredients: gradients, text on staircase, text in corners, distorted type, geometric sans serif font

Delicious Postcards on Behance

Whilst browsing the internet this week, graphic designer Joe Haddad’s ‘Delicious Postcards’ certainly caught my eye.