3d cg

Great model process shown here. It's helpful to look at this and see the transition from basic shapes into a highly detailed mesh.

e2788347c3df1a64987a33afda4d9627.jpg (736×2034)

CG Hand wireframes- lots of different kinds of hands for reference.


I love this Topology reference. However I needed to translate it.

pn New protective covers for Travel luggage suitcase stretchable apply to case

“美雲あんずちゃんWip 13歳くらいらしい。我ながらヤバイ扉を開けちゃうかな。”

林田宗篤 on

“美雲あんずちゃんWip 13歳くらいらしい。我ながらヤバイ扉を開けちゃうかな。”