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concrete art  - unique concept ...

The Museum of Contemporary Arts of Elvas (MACE) has invited several artists to take part on the exhibition “Museum in ruins” (O Museu em ruínas) and Alexandre Farto aka Vhils and MaisMenos are two of the selected artists to be part of the collection of An

this is great ... combine the green energy forms .... make the windmills out of solar panels

Collect rainwater, generate wind energy via the "blades", and the PVs collect solar energy. All in one unit, you get water, wind and solar - perfect!

Solar Energy, art, installation, park, Strawberry Energy, Tašmajdan Park, Miloš Milivojevic, charging station, electronics, IPad, IPod, Black Tree

The Black Tree - a solar powered mobile phone charger, by Serbian designer Miloš Milivojevic for the Strawberry Energy company, which invented the first public solar charger for mobile phones. This installation is just one way the city of Belgrade is try

Office Phone Booth

Office Phone Booth

놀이행위를 디자인하다

Grand Opening of The Village at Westfield Topanga on September 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)