Soonjeong Kwon

Soonjeong Kwon

Seoul, South Korea / Here, for my preference.
Soonjeong Kwon
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Mobile Design, Ui Ux

Splash Screen, Flat Design, Ui Ux Design, Splash App, App Store, Promotion, Initial Canvas, Condo Design, Apartment Design

Mobile Design, Ui Design, Ui Ux, Manual, Interface Design, Textbook, User Guide, User Interface Design

Mobile Ui Design, Web Ui Design, Card Ui, Mobile App, Ios Ui, Flat Ui, Ui Kit, Iris, Filter, Irise, Irises, Mobile Applications, Bearded Iris

Mobile Design, Mobile Ui, Ui Design, Ipad, Interface Design, User Interface Design

1:1 쇼핑 비서

1:1 쇼핑 비서

Chatbot - Find recipes

Technology is making people's lives easier. If we combine them with AI it can help us solve everyday problems in couple of seconds. One of the most annoying decisions after you come home from work .


Hey there 👋 This week I experimented with a new website navigation idea for bigger smartphones and especially for iPhone X. iPhone X has an even bigger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus, although th.


Doodle Characters, Japanese Illustration, Illustration Art, Art Illustrations, Emoji Design, Kawaii Doodles, Line Sticker, Simple Drawings, Emoticon, Trading Cards, Wings, Cat, Animals, Moon Moon, Candy, Gallery, Simple Designs, Smiley, Japan Illustration, Easy Drawings, Art Drawings