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Badges for Online Game

Badges for Online Game카지노추천△《 XM776.COM 》△카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천카지노추천

GUI - Interface Menu by Mitsukai-inki

This gives me ideas for level,character and faction selections with in my game menu as well as some ui desgin features I could use.

Training Ranks Design Process by Equiliari

At the bottom of every unit training there is a rank indicator that gives the player an idea of how advanced a training is. This is my process from approved concept to final design.

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These are the original badge concepts for the upcoming Testing With RSpec course we just finished up at Code School.

Game Badges

Game Badges

A set of badges created for an endless runner game. With the progression of opening wings, the bronze, silver and gold badges stand out as a shiny achievement in the game ui

Achievement Badges & Flags 2D Illustrations on Behance

Flags Illustrations : Progression of a project when i have internship in If Isobar. To design achievement badges and flags for an English Learning Flash game.

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badge design for sport, cooking, intelligence and art categories.