Drawing by wagonized. It looks so real and good...I just want to lick it! Mmmmm

The use of different directional hatching techniques help give form to the initial drawing. The use of pencil effectively displays varying tones.

Paper Bag Drawing

highlight and shadow - graphite pencil - closed composition - cast shadows are transparent and have blurred edges, darker under the object and lighter towards the outside edge - student work

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Core to Core, 2010 75" X 38"

Huguette Despault May stumbled across and old piece of Korean War era rope that inspired a beautiful body of work entitled the Hawser Series. May’s knotted and twisted black and grey rope drawings …

Basic Drawing, Drawing Skills, Sketch Drawing, Pencil Sketching, Life Drawing, Pencil Art, Pencil Drawings, Drawing Art, Art Drawings

달동네 그림연구실 :: [정물소묘/구성]레몬,텀블러+스트로우 과정작

달동네 그림연구실 :: [정물소묘/구성]레몬,텀블러+스트로우 과정작