Vogue Korea

Photographer Kim Kyungsoo captured traditional Korean costume (Hanbok) for Korean Vogue in his series titled, "Full Moon Story.

Hanbok Illustration | Korea art

By Si-U (Tjsiu). She reminds me of a Korean Flora McFlimsey, though she's not a doll.) That reminds me, I need to look up some Flora McFlimsey illustrations .

Hanbok Illustration | Korea

The simplicity and elegance of the Korean traditional dress, the hanbok, leaves me in awe.

Hanbok Illustration | Korea

This is the kind of art I look for and love: delicate and beautiful, traditional but new, simple yet full of such character.

Traditional Music of missing girls in all fairy tales songsohui - VOGUE.co.kr Photographer - HYEA W. KANG

kculturefashion: "Once Upon A Time" by Kang Hyea Won Vogue Korea June 2014 Model: Song So Hee.