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Adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1

This project is my conceptual vision of promotional products for collections amazing musician and designer Kanye West.Season 1 is a powerful reflection of the love to the street and creative thinking.

Alejandra Tramontte, via Behance. great use of type & bold pastels

FUNDACIÓN PROA on Behance: Beautiful color scheme, feels futuristic almost. Very creative layout style and use of text.

Welcome to Planet Luke, where Klasse Recordings boss Luca Lozano creates intentionally crude artwork to match his labels’ gnarly sounds

Mobile slider wip. Animation will be soon :)

Elje-group Brand and Digital

Modern Web Design Inspiration

Modern Website Design 2015

Machina Social In creating the social campaign for Ex Machina Watson aimed to explore the films stunning aesthetic controversial subject matter and the intrigue surrounding Ava the films on.