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Doll face asian girl with orange blushed cheeks long curly wavy combination hair parted down the middle and glossed lips.

Photo by Filip Custic and Kito Muñoz for Fucking Young!

F-king Young! presents an exclusive editorial captured by Filip Custic and Kito Muñoz featuring the collaboration between H&M and BALMAIN. Credits Photography, stylist and art direction by: Filip Custic and.

Nos vies qui brûlent doucement dans la plénitude

GENTL AND HYERS PHOTOGRAPHY: I really love their work, I especially love this piece, the harsh dramatic light, the broad shadow, this style of lighting is one that I would like to experiment with in my own work

음영, 색감좋음

It exhausts you. After a while, whoever you are, you just have to let go, and the river brings you home." —Joanne Harris // photo by Alisa Aiv

objets fils de fer sculptures et objets: Installation in wire contemporary art sculpture installation of jellyfish

I was literally doodling jellyfish in class today. I love the subject of this piece. The thin wire really makes these watery animals look weightless.

champagnepaint: (Fated to Pretend)

Furniture Decor, Furniture Design, Pink Furniture, Product Design, Table Chaise, Chapo, Lookbook, Modernism, Nooks

Jed Root - Elias Hove - Wonderland, Felicity Ingram : Lookbooks - the Technology behind the Talent.

model Emma Laird in Wonderland Magazine September 2015