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연결통로, 공간전환

The latest exhibition at Hayward Gallery displays the works of artists from the to the present day who have used artificial light as matter. It features works from Ann Veronica, Katie Paterson, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Bill Culbert to name a few.

우영_ 네거티브 스페이스에 관한관점으로 가져온것은 아님 각각의 줄을 조율해서 나온 아래의 형태 (항상 사람들에 의해 실시간으로 가변하는 대중문화와 엮을 수 있을듯)

Yasuaki Onishi - Uses plastic sheeting & black hot glue to create a monumental, floating form. The process he calls “casting the invisible” involves draping plastic sheeting over stacked cardboard boxes.