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DIY concrete countertop

Concrete Counter Top How gorgeous is this counter top? It’s a custom taupe colored concrete kitchen counter (alliteration unintended) by Trueform Concrete, a residential and commercial concrete.

Polished concrete floor.

Titus Restoration is the nation's premier polished concrete and concrete floor restoration contractor. Our services include concrete polishing, concrete repair, joint installation and more.

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This vibrant salon floor was resurfaced with a decorative epoxy floor system ideal for resurfacing concrete floors.

For lack of a better word, I'm obsessed with level floors and keeping them clean (visibly and tangibly), so classic diamond-polished concrete is one of my favorite things. They're low-maintenance and become very cost-effective over the lifetime of the floors. Throw in some radiant heating and not even the old lady can complain!

diamond-polished concrete, low-maintenance and very cost-effective over the lifetime of the floors. This floor is all about ease of maintenance. Something to consider for the build.