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Can you handle it? The coolest isometric and 3D stuff out there, curated for you by Studio Lakmoes, Dutch design studio for knowledge visualization.
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We always enjoy working on detailed isometric designs. So we were very pleased when a Dutch webhosting company asked us to make a big set of isometric illustrations.

창작자들의 놀이터 : 그라폴리오

브라운 비어 펍 [Brown Beer Pub] by 김호 on

designed by Kim Ho; The counters of the B are like windows and the two parts of the letter appear as two stories.

#isometric design

This diagram by BIG shows the step by step design process for a condo complex in the Bahamas. It successfully shows how the site developed from site analysis, to programing to architecture while incorporating simple passive design strategies.

Isometric people

The project involved developing a set of very detailed isometric characters in flat style. Each charater had layers of details :) The goal was to create modern English people and depict different nationalities - asian, afro, caucasian.


Isometric design is a way of presenting design in three dimension. “Design Inspiration 17 Best Isometric Designs” is published by Angga Pradikta in uxmarker

Bright house networks isometric infographic

Bright House Networks Infographic on Behance