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Could be cool to have isometric drawing of london with the landmarks as design related things

We can use selective colored objects in a neutral background to give accent to points of interest.

Cover and interior illustrations for Economia Magazine. The feature was about this year’s top ten rich list. They needed to see represented all the areas where these people made their money. Special thanks to Sarah Barnett.


Cover and DPS illustrations for Norweigan Airline& inflight magazine, all based around the feature article on the proliferation of Scandinavian producers in pop music.

Gorgeous digital creations by Cameos

From Kingsley Thompson These bespoke leather cases for folding mahinder rajput sunglasses…

Beautifully illustrated animations in this colorful One Pager bringing awareness to the truths behind addiction. Great to see serious topics being executed well in an interactive Single Page website - stellar work this by Moby Digg.

The texts in these layout is not very large but because of the ample white space that surrounded it, the viewers eye is recaptured away from the chaos and into reading the message.

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