Timeline /// Infographic Timeline on Behance

I chose this because its a timeline. Timelines are used to tell stories. Timeline /// Infographic Timeline on Behance

[infographic] ‘홍차’에 대한 인포그래픽

I can't read what the text says (darn image compression), but I like the volume that the shapes and text on an angle creates. The colors are nice too with the muted blue and yellows.

Lithuania Festival Guide on Behance:

Lithuania Festival Guide on Behance clean and illustrative with room to expand on ideas/fill with info


Oh, I LOVE this color palette! nice amount of space, really cute illustration, really easy to transpose and to use Lansinoh colors!

Modern Slavery [Infographic] | Daily Infographic

Modern Slavery [Infographic

Unique Infographic Design 10 Things Worth Knowing About Human Trafficking Infographic Design Httpwww

O estilo Hipster em vetores gratuítos

O estilo Hipster em vetores gratuítos

Hipster info graphic background,hipster elements and icons, by filip robert, via Shutterstock

#Infografia #Geek vs #Hispter (Ingles) fuente: eltrajenegro.com

Our last infographic on geeks vs nerds got a hell of a lot of traffic. We see it fit to now post the geek vs hipster infographic.

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