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yukon-ho: “ Tree by ~zhongbiao ”

in the forest . Not a fantasy picture, but it is great motivation for the novel I'm writing, my sequel to Cry of the Sea called Whisper of the Trees.

Hong, Bo-young

The Magic Faraway Tree. Cat swimming under the sea with the fish illustration - Hong, Bo-young.

Adrien Deggan, Fireflies

Adventures with your cat in the cellar. Illustration Work (children's books) by Adrien Deggan, via Behance

Gabriel Pacheco

Gabriel Pacheco Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit have tea.


Endre Penovac Serbian artist Endre Penovác renders fluffy felines with stark black watercolors and ink. Penovác heavily dilutes the pigments with water creating small rivers and splotches that perfectly mimic the texture of fur.

Norwegian visual artist Andreas Lie:

Norwegian visual artist Andreas Lie merges verdant landscapes and photographs of…

jux sofles

Sofles TMD

If you know Sofles or heard any rumors, you would know that he could paint a mega colorful burner like this within the hour.

drawing Illustration art hair girl cute eyes anime sexy hot japan kawaii beautiful sky black draw galaxy stars manga lips dark purple woman nippon

So much here to look at: a beautiful girl with galaxy hair (hey look, pink, purple, and blue!) who is showing raw emotion. Such beauty.