Serval cats

Collection by Susan Snyder

"Savannah" cat^^ So big for a domestic cat ! Like have a leopard in your arm. This is a Serval cat a wild animal it is used to breed domrstic cats to make a Savannah! I Love Cats, Big Cats, Cool Cats, Hate Cats, Beautiful Cats, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Crazy Cat Lady, Crazy Cats

Our hybrid cubs will be great loving pets for life..."just the right amount of wild blood" ...enough wild lineage to look amazing, with a personality second to none... THE PERFECT PET! It can be a stressful/lonely time with this current pandemic, but look at the bright side: there's never been a better time to bond with a new cubby :) We have several available.Check out our new hybrid kitties! Please Email for new updated video footage of our available hybrid kittens. I'm happy to send over info & photos of parents, lineage, wild blood %, etc.   ...or call (562) 233-0315____________________________________ Want something RARE / 1-of-a-kind? ...something 100% unique, different and absolutely stunning? You've come to the right place ~ ENJOY! ..Please enjoy looking through our exciting variety of different wild hybrids. Our kitties have amazing bloodlines from serval, jungle-cat, asian leopard, 1-of-a-kind Bobcat, Lynx, etc (this is where our unique exotic look comes from ~ mixing different wild bloodlines, and having the lucky fortune of higher % fertile studs).  Our hybrids are extra-HAPPY. Their glass is always half full. Best thing about our babies is how well they're soicalized since the minute they're born. They arrive 100% perfect with litter box. They're loving, affectionate, intelligent, funny, etc...the best pet you'll ever own...easiest maintenance of all pets. They basically take care of themselves. Picture owning a loving loyal dog, trapped in a cats body (without the difficult dog maintenance). And they LOVE being raised with any pet you already own (dog, cat, goat, etc...even a parrot ~ believe it or not :) They look tough, but are SWEET AS PIE! Their life revolves around loving you and your family, 24/7...enjoy your new shadow! Tired of the same old boring hybrid?Here you'll find something different / extra-special / unique ! ...and the most rare in the world.  AVAILABLE HYBRID CUBBIES BELOW:^ "Snow-Leopard" is a real jaw-dropper...she checks off all the wow-factor boxes. This BLUE eye'd girl is a true crowd pleaser. She'll be a runway model one day :)She's available. ______ ^ "OCELOT" is one handsome cub. This boy has rich gold color with amazing dark spots...he's definitely one of our most stunning hybrids. He's available. _______ ^ "ROCK" is a huge bob-tail boy at 12 weeks. He's our sweetest, most laid back cub. Our kids LOVE him...and he LOVES our kids :) ...he's available, and is our top discounted hybrid (and his sister too) ...Rock's huge sister "Picasso" is below...rarely does a female get as big as the boys...this girl's a BEAST. And she's sweet as pie. (beautiful marble pattern)_______ ^ " Snow-Shoes " is back on the market after client switched to younger new snow cubby...this girl's a jaw-dropper, show-stopper, wow-factor maker, runway model, Ferrari of the hybrid world.  She's RARE...and she's available!   _____ ^ "PitBull" ...getting big! high % F2 muscle bound boy...has amazing golden coat with spots/stripes. Very sweet momma's boy. Built like a ox ~ this guy's impressive! He's available. Happy to email updated footage. _____   ^ " SICARIO " (male) was reserved day 1. With the out-of-country quarantine, the new owner had a rough time trying to get shipping overseas. STUNNING. Don't let his smile scare you, Sicario's a very sweet loving boy :)AVAILABLE _____ ^  Amazing male: "Black Tiger" ...this guy might be the best we've seen here! ...Whoever painted this boy, deserves a trophy. WOW!______ accepting deposits. Email for more photos of each kitty, parent info/photos, lineage, etc.______   ^ "NALA" ...extremely wild looking female with HUGE PAWS...just got out of the pool (loves the water!) Don't let her tough looks fool you ~ she's as sweet as pie...very loving, smart BIG girl. She's available.Discounted  Special _____ ^ "Bobby-Lynx" is a handsome sweet boy...blessed with the extreme wild look. He's a knockout!...and he's available_____ ...and his big bob-tail sister "Chubs" is available below:________ ^ "POLAR BEAR" is sensational...this boy is strong and getting prettier by the minute. Developing great markings. He's available. _____ ^ "Amazon" is a gorgoeus girl with amazing color...big long and strong girl...she's spectacular! AVAILABLE_______ ^ "BigFoot"  is one of our thicker boys ...he's muscular and powerful...all the bells and whistles. His PAWS are enormous. This happy/goofy boy is available...and he's discounted :)______ ^ "SAFARI" This guy is stunning ...incredible! ...looks like something you'd see on a safari. He's available! ______ ^ "HarleyQuinn" is a BEAUTIFUL girl with rich color. This rare F2 cubby's impressive...she's available, and discounted :)________________ ^ " SodaPop "  has the extreme wild look. Very beautiful colors and awesome contrast. She definitely has that "WOW-factor" ... Available and DISCOUNTED :)________ ^ adopted, was already 10+ lbs when he left here at 14 weeks..._______ ^adoopted ________ ^ adopted_______________  ^ adopted___________________ ^ ADOPTED___________________ ^ adopted__________________ ...please email for more available kitties just like her (male and female).Happy to send over more photos, lineage, parents, info, and adoption fee: Taran@DomesticWildcat.com_______  ^ adopted__________________________________ ^ adoptedadopted________________ adopted___________ adopted___________________________________ Excited to introduce our new fertile F3 monster stud Bobcat/Savannah-Lynx "TANK" (below)^F3 fertile monster stud "TANK" (Bobcat-Savannah-Lynx hybrid)_________________________ adopted :)______ ...adopted. (adopted) _________________ ...adopted.__________________________________________________________ adopted :)Adopted adopted _______________________________ adopted. adopted adopted  ^ "KING KONG"  (adopted)adopted that a baby tiger?  ___________________________________________ POLAR-BEAR looking like a baby WHITE LION :) (adopted) (adopted)________________________________...clients have been raving about the kitties Iceberg has produced. He's the new celebrity here...a big sweet boy :)Our celebrity stud: "Iceberg"(above)...he is huge. Clients are coming back to adopt a second...anything from him is amazing! Big-Foot's kittens typically get BIG. We're very lucky to own a fertile F3 stud. It has made a awesome wild look in our hybrids.___________________ (all kittens below have been adopted) WOW factor  included  ;)   People often ask "would it be ok to get two?" There's nothing better than owning two. It's awesome for them to have each other during those times when no one is home. And it's 24/7 nonstop funny entertainment to watch them play. They are the funniest, most loving, special intelligent pets I've ever been around.  People always ask: "Will one of these hybrids get along with my dog?"...make no mistake: these hybrids think they ARE dogs :)  ______________________ How intelligent are these hybrids? A client of ours taught his toddler hybrid to "play dead"  Here's a new video a client sent of their hybrid kitty finding the new kitty treadmill for the 1st time :) ...and 10 minutes later: Remember to keep your toilet seat down....because these hybrids LOOOOVE the water! :            Below: Our new F1 Savannah Queen "Khaleesi"  (adopted from our friend Bion) adopted   _________________________________________________________ adopted(and the rest below have all been adopted)Are you READY? ...Call/text (562)233-0315               "the Rolls Royce of the hybrid world"...all the bells & whistles! These hybrids are nonstop loving-loyal-entertainment!   ...who wants their own White Tiger?  adopted adopted • most common question we get: "will the kitty get along with my dog?"  ...These hybrids think they ARE dogs...they'll be best friends :)  adopted CALL TARAN TO RESERVE YOUR NEW WILD HYBRID! (562)233-0315...the "Rolls Royce of pets"

below: our lil' boy Hopscotch THESE ARE THE BEST HYBRIDS IN THE WORLD, HAND'S DOWN...Paw's down ;)Email for updated pics :)Call now! (562)233-0315 ^...a true California Savannah Beach-Bum________________________________ ________________________________

sighting of a Serval Rare Sighting - Serval Cat, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Gatos Serval, Serval Cats, African Serval Cat, Caracal, Big Cats, Cool Cats, Cats And Kittens, Small Wild Cats, Cats Bus

Rare sighting of a Serval

Africa | "Rare Sighting". Serval Cat. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania | ©Cheryl, via flickr

Servals Are Awesome Creatures. who is generation from an African Serval. His grandfather is a Serval! WAS may he RIP. Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion! Cute Baby Animals, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Gato Serval, Serval Kitten, Cute Kittens, Cats And Kittens, Fluffy Kittens, Ragdoll Kittens

Meet Sheldon the Playful Serval Cub at Point Defiance Zoo

Meet Sheldon, Point Defiance Zoo's baby Serval. In addition to little Sheldon, there are a few other young cats at the zoo right now - Kali the Tiger cub and Tien the baby Clouded Leopard. Keepers get them together for...

Serval, a medium-sized African wild cat. I don't think I'll own a cat unless its a serval. Big Cats, Cats And Kittens, Cute Cats, Cats Bus, Cats Meowing, Small Wild Cats, Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Cute Animals

Serval standing up

A serval of the krefeld zoo just hanging around and standing in the grass...

The serval is a medium sized cat. It is a strong yet slender. - Stock Photo - Ideas of Stock Photo Photo - The serval is a medium sized cat. It is a strong yet slender animal with long legs and a fairly short tail. I Love Cats, Big Cats, Crazy Cats, Cool Cats, Cute Kittens, Cats And Kittens, Cats Meowing, Beautiful Cats, Animals Beautiful

The serval is a medium sized cat. It is a strong yet slender..

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Dear Santa, can I have one of these please? It's a Serval Savannah, the biggest domestic cat in the world. Beautiful Cats, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Gato Serval, Crazy Cat Lady, Crazy Cats, I Love Cats, Cool Cats

Dear Santa, can I have one of these please? It's a Serval Savannah, the biggest domestic cat in the world.