tiled hues

Tiled Hues

sail away wallpaper tan orange navy blue pink lovely Pattern mix - Turquoise & Lime & Pink Bathroom

Pantone tarts by emilie de griottes

Food for the design nerds. I’d love to host a pantone tart party! Pantone Tarts by Griottes

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Pantone animal pins by The Lorem Ipsum Store.

Pantone animal pins by The Lorem Ipsum Store.Yes, I pin Pantone everything.

Color Morphology by André Britz

blue fruit with pink apple 7 : Golden Lemons? Blue Oranges and Pink Apples? Yes, this is a weird and wonderful experimental project by German designer, André Britz. I just love the way that the non-natural colours seem to mess with my preconceptions.

Web site design studio

Some say my design work depends on shadows, environments and vintage so when working on this website design for HBK agency I tried to stay off the beaten path

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