Плед из треугольных мотивов. Работа Светланы Шевченко - вязание крючком на kru4ok.ru:

Nice crochet motif with symbols chart and links to various other pretty crochet patterns

[도미노 빅 토트백]

Idea for leftover shirt pieces. Space between black and make a stripy string quilt.


Irish Crochet Flower Motif I’m always on the lookout for new motifs to use in Irish Crochet and this one caught my eye because it’s a little like Venetian Crochet in design.

filet schemi

Схема дорожки с двумя бабочками. 3-4 варианты. 4Х4.bmp

컬러로 보는 '옛날 서울' 사진 23장 | 인스티즈

Week Slums on the Han River. Han river is located near the Seoul, capital of the South Korea, which sounds like rich enough to everyone.