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Forest Story House

Forest Story House | Rustic Style Playhouse | Playground Equipment

The Forest Story House is low level so it can be easily accessed by children and allows teachers to supervise…

Kids Garden play area

العاب سمك

One of my all time favorite blogs is The Imagination Tree as it is always full of simple inspiration and creative ideas to do with the kid...


Kid Crane Riding Toy

Kid Crane Riding Toy: This Instructable is for building a kids toy crane. I call it a toy, but it is really a heavy duty machine for a kid of any age. I designed this crane for my son who was a crane fanatic at the time. The crane is built mostly from wood and uses va…

Playscapes / Barefoot park and sensation paths

Barefoot Parks and Sensation Paths - Playscapes

Continuing my musings on this idea of play-as-path and path-as-play…there is no better example of this in the ‘natural play’ arena than the barefoot park. Having led the way in the development of the natural playground, the European countries–particularly Germany and Austria–have moved on to advocate that natural elements and surfaces be accessible to the - Read the rest...

Outdoor reggio.

Outdoor reggio.

large outdoor fairy garden planter for kids to play in

* Children's Backyard Fairy Garden

My girls love fairies and we have our share of Fairy Gardens and "lands" to play with. I've gotten several emails lately asking for more details about our Fairy Gardens so I hope this post can answer some questions! You'll need a container or a special secret corner of your yard/garden for your Fairy Garden. If you're planning to plant one indoors, you can use a shallow dish/pan/flower pot. We've planted fairy gardens in our yard and indoors. Outdoor Fairy Gardens: My dad built a fairy…

OLD TIRES have a hundred uses in a playground.

Nothing About Us Without Us - Part One(Chapter 5)

tire rockers tutorial

She’s Crafty: Tired Out

NOTE: THIS BLOG HAS MOVED! If you have any questions or comments regarding this or any other project on the blog, please head over to (or for this exact post go HERE). I don…

Outdoor play area for trucks and construction

Outdoor play area for trucks and construction

Mothering with Mindfulness: Her Outdoor Play Space

Outdoor Play Space

We spend a lot of time in nature. We love hiking, exploring, playing in the water, picnics and more. But there are times when we look for our nature connection closer to home, right in our own backyard. It could be gardening, tending to the chickens, picking wild raspberries, climbing a tree, reading stories in the hammock. As a family we are inspired by Mother Nature and do our best to spend as much time enjoying her as we can. In the spring of 2011, Justin and I sat down to start planning…

Color Block Playground

Helt Enkelt

Foto & Inspiration

berm with tunnel

berm with tunnel

outdoor play space and invitations to use open ended materials.

reggio-inspired learning environments part 3

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creative playthings catalog

creative playthings catalog

I've been messin' with the "office" library and finding some cool shit I forgot I had. Next up, a Creative Playthings catalog fro...

paris playground

Playground in Paris | Handmade Charlotte

Vertical fun at the Belleville Park playground in Paris, designed by BASE.

All Natural Playground

All Natural Playground