Sky Garden House - Guz Architects - Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sky Garden House / Guz Architects

Meera Sky Garden House by Guz Architects is a beautiful, lush, eco-friendly house built on prime real estate on Sentosa Island, previously known as Palau Blakang Mati, in Singapore. The Meera Sky House truly looks like a garden house set in the sky.

Hanji Greetings Card - hand paper cut Korean Hanji paper blue

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SEUNG YONG SONG | Salanbang | White birch, Korean paper, Mixed materials  1400x850x1740(mm)

Salanbang by Seung Yong Song. A couch, a chair and a resting place all in one

LUXURY_ Hanok traditional and modern in harmony with the five modern landscape became 新年 风景

Explosion of color on the seat mats, especially for those who want to give linen colors the power to accentuate the overall home architect and design.


small gravel pile on top of the septic tank in the middle of the courtyard ( from New trend!