Coway OXY generator and humidifier

SWBK designed the integral yet compact home electornic, OXY. It carries the function of air humnifier and oxygen generator. When its assembled as one piece, its integral, but once its disassembled, the sub body turns into personal oxygen generator.


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Vocia Audio System Design Looks Good

Vocia Audio System Design Looks Good

Want some pretty audio systems for your home? The Vocia DSP servers, and Vocia concept designs will certainly fit in well with modern.


Singing Machine Home | Karaoke Speaker System

Singing Machine Home is an elegantly designed, acoustically engineered Bluetooth speaker system that connects to your TV and displays karaoke videos and lyrics (subscription required).

Lunacalente CD player  from Metaphys

New products from Metaphys

Lunacalente CD player from Metaphys presented at Design Tokyo 2007

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