Czech folk jacket - particularly exquisite embroidery and embellishing on this one.

Exceptional antique Czech embroidered and decorated folk jacket. Great, wearable “ ” View On WordPress


hanbok (south korea) is the traditional korean dress for women and men. the decorative yoke, the empire waistline and the long flowing dress-like section are some of the striking features render the.

Kasia Jacquot - Textile Folk Artist: Exquisite Korean embroidery

Recently I was given a rare opportunity to have a close look at the most exquisite Korean embroidery. My friend (and embroidery buddy) Yumi .

beautiful detail of red silk velvet gown with the exquisite silver thread embroidery.

detail of metal embroidery on a deep orange velvet probable German court dress, ca. 1828 Medium: silk, metal Dimensions: Length at CB: 52 in. cm) Purchase, Gifts from Various Donors,

Peachoo + Krejberg

Peachoo + Krejberg have impeccable taste. I actually have been already accepted into FIDM thanks to the Early Acceptance program. This is my current taste, I believe FIDM will help me and turn my love for couture into my own style.

traditional Korean hanbok

Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. HA Ji Wong (korean actress as Gisaeng in drama "Hwang Jini")

Kasia Jacquot - Textile Folk Artist: Exquisite Korean embroidery

Kasia Jacquot - Textile Folk Artist: Exquisite Korean embroidery such beautiful workmanship.

Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

Park Soo Ae in the movie "A sword with no Name." It's a beautiful movie, and so are the actors and esp. the wardrobe!