#SugarPackaging. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/sugar-packaging/

SwissPack has been bringing a wide spectrum of premium grade sugar packaging bags, which often ensure that the sugar would be stay pristine and sweet.

Detergent Packaging. Visit http://swisspack.co.nz/detergent-packaging/

Our detergent packaging bags are manufactured using high grade raw materials and latest technology that ensures their long shelf life.

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We stock coffee bags in many different colors. All the colors of coffee bags we manufacture are shown below in colored pictures is available in stock ready to dispatch

Spice Packaging. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/spices-packaging/

Swisspack provides superior quality bags for spices packaging, which are useful for packaging various products.

Shrink Sleeves. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/shrink-sleeves/

Swisspack provides superior quality shrink sleeves to cover up your container with logo, description and unique and innovative designs.

Salt Packaging. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/salt-packaging/

Our salt packaging bags are available in different unique designs and are accepted by our customers for the durability, water and weather proof properties.

Nutrition Bar Packaging. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/nutrition-bar-packaging/

We provide nutrition bar packaging bags which have high barrier laminations that safeguard the texture, taste and freshness of the products.

Co-Packing. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/co-packing/

Co-Packing. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/co-packing/

#CoffeeBags. Visit http://www.swisspack.co.nz/coffee-bags/

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