A Creative Process.

Wanderlust: Process Chart Semester 1 by Drishti Khemani, via Behance --------- infographics and illustrations?

design by Bc huang

Title typeface design for 陳大天 Daniel Chen music video " A Hundred Ways to Break " Directo Kidding Hsu

25 Best Tech Interface Photoshop Brushes Ever Created

25 Best Tech Interface Photoshop Brushes Ever Created

AZZURRI Corporate Illustration on Behance

lustration : Series of corporate illustrations for Azurri. The project consisted on the creation of a personalized style for fully integrating into their Brand Book. Development of 6 conceptual pieces to apply in formats, throughout th

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2317

LUXEMBOURG 2016 - A serie of 14 infographics presenting the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, its culture, its people, its labor market. in an original and practical way. A collabaration between STATEC and SIP and HUMAN MADE.

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