Hanbok Illustration | Korea

By Si-U (Tjsiu). She reminds me of a Korean Flora McFlimsey, though she's not a doll.) That reminds me, I need to look up some Flora McFlimsey illustrations .

Go out of the New Year(1921) - Elizabeth Keith / 새해 나들이(1921) - 엘리자베스 키스

by Elizabeth Keith Korean woman with children dressed in traditional Korean winter garb with hanbok and winter hat

While You Were Sleeping 13. Shin Sun Mi (2013)

Shin Sun-Mi aka Shin Sunmi aka Shin Sun Mi 신순미 (Korean, b. South Korea) - 13 from While You Were Sleeping series, 2013 Paintings: Color on Korean Paper


White feathers collected to the ancient wind pictures Figure) _ petals illustrations & comics