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This experiment is perfect to help answer the classic kid question: "why is the sky blue?"

Why Is The Sky Blue? Simple Science (Video)

Simple science experiment and explanations for the classic question on natural phenomenon -- Why is the sky blue for kids.

A simple science experiment to show why leaves change color in the fall. One of 5 Awesome science experiments for kids! You probably already have everything you need.

Science Experiments for Kids: Why do Leaves Change Color?

These 5 science experiments are simple, so cool, and perfect for kids of all ages! These hands on experiments will get little ones excited about learning!

Paper rockets... simple fun for teaching about wind energy.

Summer Diary: Day 15: Paper Rockets

Another Pinterest idea! And a super easy one too! Click HERE for the direct link to curious kangaroos , with instructions. Th...

Weather Idea-- cross curricular Literacy (Little Cloud Book) and Science


I know that at first weather and art seem like an unusual combination. We took the kids to the Art Museum for a special family day, and tha...

Learn about ocean layers & zones with this creative science activity kids & teens will love! Fun way to discuss marine animals and how light travels thru water -- STEM for kids | Ocean science project

Ocean Zones for Kids: Layers of the Sea Science Project

Learn about ocean layers & zones with this creative science activity kids & teens will love! Fun way to discuss marine animals and how light travels thru water -- STEM for kids | Ocean science project

Elementary Science Experiment, Earthquake Waves, Photo by Myrna Martin

Elementary Science Experiment, Earthquake Waves

This elementary science experiment creates a wave box that demonstrates how earthquake waves can travel through solid materials as they travel away from the focus of an earthquake .

Oil Spill! Connecting STEM activities to real world problems

Oil Spill! Connecting STEM activities to real world problems

I recently had another opportunity to observe a science program in an after school setting, this time at Greenleaf Elementary School in Oakland, CA. The rising fifth graders have an hour and a half of STEM programming after lunch every afternoon, and the day I visited they did an activity about cleaning up oil in the ocean. They worked with trays filled a few inches with water, feathers, straws, cotton balls and sponges. I think it's especially challenging to lead activities like this, where…

Simple Science for Kids: Making Groundwater

Simple Science: Making "Groundwater"

This simple science experiment demonstrates the concepts of the water table and groundwater.

What Causes Earth's Seasons? EXCELLENT video for kids about the earth's tilt and how it affects seasons. Week 13


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Winter Science Activity Ideas for kids

Winter Science Experiments and STEM Challenges

Fun Winter science experiments and STEM Challenges. includes salt as grit, moving a wire through ice, making frost and more.

STRAW WAVES - HOW TO Only two materials needed. Perfect teaching tools for demonstrating the movement of waves, and frequency.


This model is made by sandwiching 90-straws between two layers of sticky tape. On plucking at one end a wave will travel and return back. Twist it to show "c...

Simple way to bring the world together and get kids thinking: look at the weather in different countries on any given day!

Weather Around the World: Learn Seasons, Weather Patterns, and More

Learn about seasons, weather patterns, and geography by studying weather around the world! It's also a wonderful way to promote global awareness.

Science of clean water: making your own water filter


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Science for Kids: Water bottle fountain

Are you following us on Pinterest? This experiment allows children to see that air takes up room and is always present even though we can't see it. Ages: 2 -12+ (see the bottom on how to simplify or extend to meet the needs of your child) Materials: Empty water bottle balloon straw blu-tac (or similar) tray for catching the water (optional. You could always do it outside, in a bath, or near a sink) Begin by blowing up a balloon and asking your child "What is in the balloon?" Let the balloon…

Iceberg Experiment (glacier and iceberg flooding experiment under it too!)

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