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Meet some of the adorable duck species profile in the @PBS Nature special "An Original DUCKumentary"

With over 120 different species, ducks are incredibly diverse and can be found all over the world. Meet the ducks featured in An Original DUCKumentary.

Our actions have a direct effect on changes in the ecosystem. Find out Howe We're Endangering Animals in this infographic from National Geographic

Funny pictures about How we're endangering animals. Oh, and cool pics about How we're endangering animals. Also, How we're endangering animals.

Infographic on shark finning and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems - Pew Environment Group

For 25 years, “Shark Week” has offered television viewers a unique look into the world of sharks, the ocean’s apex predators. But at the Pew Environment Group, “Shark Week” is every week.

This is how many sharks are killed every hour.

Sharks killed per hour by people, versus people killed per year by sharks. STOP SHARK FINNING & boycott places that offer shark fin soup