MoMA Art Lab - my kids favorite app. Interactive and teaches different styles of creating art.

MoMA Art Lab iPad app iphone-ipad-apps-for-art-teachers

Walle Finance App [Passcode screens] by Alexander Zaytsev

Walle Finance App [Passcode and Add Card Screens] from Alexander Zaytsev

Top Navigation Menu Items from Frontify | PatternTap | ZURB Library

Top Navigation Menu Items from Frontify - I really like the color palette and design of this UI

Based on what Kidaptive games a kid is playing, Learner Mosaic offers up ways that parents can support their young learners, like conversation topics to reinforce preschool-age-appropriate skills, including symbol meaning and how to take turns.

Trivify mobile app on Behance

Trivify AppTrivify is an app where users can play trivia games out of questions they need to study for. Exams such as SATs, ACTs, MCATs and other standardized tests. Main idea is you can study for exams while playing a game against friends.