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Patricia McClimans
Frankenstein's Monster

Siempre pasa!!!!!

—Frankenstein vive aquí al lado. Yo soy el monstruo de Frankenstein. Todo el mundo nos confunde. Cierto, todo el mundo ha caído en esto alguna vez. John Deering, claro.

Stephen King's vacation. LOL!

Summer Vacation

It's already begun for the two older ones; tomorrow is Orli's last day. Don't ask me why, but I felt the need to reiterate, re-emphasize and repeat some rules. I posted these in a very obvious place--the refridgerator door: SUMMER RULES: **You ate it--now put it away. Including the dish (but please wash that first). **If it's yours, it should be in YOUR room. Get it out of any common areas, including the living room, dining room and kitchen. **If you finished the frozen water, refill it…

The Argyle Sweater on

The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn for October 02, 2012 |


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Free Range on

Free Range by Bill Whitehead for March 14, 2013 |

View the comic strip for Free Range by cartoonist Bill Whitehead created March 14, 2013 available on

Break of Day on

Break of Day by Nate Fakes for May 25, 2013 |

View the comic strip for Break of Day by cartoonist Nate Fakes created May 25, 2013 available on



hahaha a little holiday humor

hahaha a little holiday humor

The Flying McCoys on

The Flying McCoys by Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy for May 22, 2013 |

Take it off. You look like an idiot

Reality Check on

Reality Check by Dave Whamond for June 20, 2013 |

Look out! Zombies! Saunter for your lives!

Give me your candy, you must. lol trick or treat comic

Off the Mark by Mark Parisi for October 30, 2012 |

Yoda uses the force to steal candy.

Close to Home on

Close to Home by John McPherson for April 29, 2013 |

Is there a mad scientist in the house?!