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Beautiful stylized texture for this Barrel. I would think that LODs would be done automatically by the game engine.

05a18c9916e4e68c63c2ca672bb2a606.jpg 599×960ピクセル

Another Wireframe reference, these characters are nothing like the character I am creating but the edge flow is completed very well on these two.

3DOcean Low Poly Grass Set 01 7713701

Grass Texture Tile 01 7713423 Low Poly Grass Set 01 7713701 GraphicRiver Wood Floor and Green Grass Vector Background 5971278 Graphic

preview.jpg (590×954) 植物

This concept piece shows how the creator made a low poly tree design using various shapes and techniques.

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Looking for feedback, also opinions on which of these would make the best portfolio fodder, I'm looking for five or six new things to add to my website.

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