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Plaid with solid is always great

Clothes mean nothing until someone has lived in them. Marc Jacobs Boots: Jacket: /grayers/ Gilbert Short Jacket Denim: /baldwin/ Gloves: /upstatestock/ Shirt: /grayers/ Watch: /timex/ for /jcrew/ Belt: Glasses: /rayban/ by thepacm

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I've been reppin' this style since forever, 'bout time someone appreciates it--> For "sexy casual" love the grey sportcoat, navy/white gingham check shirt and dark jeans. Make sure he gets them hemmed! I will pin each item separately too

It's like Iron Man designed the phone himself! Kind of.

'I am Iron Man,' says new Avengers-branded Samsung Galaxy Edge

Samsung just announced its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, its 2015 flagship smartphones. The S6 and S6 Edge have a completely redesigned look and feel and have ditched the cheap plastic for premium metal and glass:

Today in Barcelona, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy and Edge smartphones — the most visually stunning devices it has ever produced. Both devices are made entirely of metal and glass: the.