Ryugyong Hotel, NORTH KOREA.

geometric buildings structures - This building could be categorized as a odd isosceles triangular prism .

Neo-Brutalist Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea...talk about claiming the land!

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea It was an ambitious plan gone awry. In North Korea began building a 3000 room pyramid-shaped luxury hotel in Pyongyang in anticipation of a tourist boom that never materialized.

North Korea's Refugees Infographic

Using data from Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, and the UN Commission of Inquiry, this infographic relays the challenges faced by North Korean refugees and those who try to help them.

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The latest breaking news on Korea, and Korean society and North Korea.

North Korea.

French photographer Eric Lafforgue has been to North Korea six times, taking incredible photos along the way.

Light Through the Darkness: Improving the Human Condition in North Korea | Bush Institute at the George W. Bush Presidential Center

North Korea Infographic describe the plight of men, women, and children held captive in North Korea’s political prison camps without charges or trial.

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