Learn how #animation will play an integral role in ‪#‎UI‬ #design this year

Will animation be the big UI trend of 2015?

Filling the screen area with a solid white color which value makes up the percentage is an expression controlled by a simple slider fx. The goal was to end up with simple, lite and nice donut chart.

30 Examples of Google's Material Design

30 Examples of Google's Material Design

Gif demonstration of Hybrid Interval Timer android app for tabata and hiit workouts, with nice material design.

Login interactions and loading for the Health App Project.  Behance Twitter Facebook

Health App Login

UI design animation: Health App Login by Jakub Antalík - Dribbble - created via…

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This week's uiGIFs include Canopy, Pennies, Flat Tomato, and Emojiary

Inspirational UI Design 15 - UltraLinx

Inspirational UI Design 15

Here is part of another concept that didn't make it through client approval. This one utilizes a small circle navigation that pushes the content back. Also included is the interaction of scrolling .

Mobile Modal Menu #UI | Flat User Interface Design

[GIF] Mobile Menu

Check the Mobile menu I did for a new project, mostly some JS. The idea is to mimic the native app experience in the browser by

Input Filed Micro Interaction by Mamun Srizon

Input Filed Micro Interaction

Microinteraction is one of the most important moments in UI / UX design and Microinteractions are the best way to develop any successful product.

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations - UltraLinx

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations


UI Interactions of the week #19

UI Motion Design | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Home to detail view transition. —— This is a self-initiated concept to re-design the Sundance Film Festival app experience. I was recently in Salt Lake City over Sundance.

via Muzli

UI Interactions of the week #11

UI Interactions of the week — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium