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a knitted sweater on a hanger and the text overly "How long does it take to knit a sweater"
How long does it take to knit a sweater? Easy way to calculate!
A super simple way to calculate the hours it takes to knit a sweater - including a very extensive sample chart with the most common sizes and yarn weights
two crocheted squares with the words so simple how to do mosaic knitting
Mosaic Knitting - The Ultimate tutorial [+tips & tricks]
knitting hacks with yarn and scissors on the table
10 expert knitting hacks
A massive list with very usefull knitting tips and hacks for better easier or faster results. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced knitter, you will find these tricks super helpful. Best of all, none of them require a big budget!
knitting needles and yarn with the title how to convert a knitting pattern from circular to straight needles
How to convert a knitting pattern from in the round to flat knitting
A step by step tutorial showing you how to convert a knitting pattern in the round to flat knitting with straight needles for beginners. All the little details you need to account for.
a couple of boxes to store yarn String Theory, Diy Yarn Storage Ideas, Yarn Stash, Yarn Storage, Yarn Organization, Yarn Skein, Weight 1 Yarn Crochet Patterns, Yarn Diy, Knitting Room
How to store yarn and organize your stash
The best way to store yarn for knitting and ideas to organize your stash. A very detailed tutorial with all the pros and cons and things to watch out for.
skeins of yarn in multiple colors and the headline how to choose yarn in knitting Summer, Yarn Brands, Loom Knitting, Knitting Basics, Knitting Yarn
How to choose yarn in knitting
A handy little masterclass that shows you how to choose yarn in knitting. FInd the best yarn for knitting and learn how to choose yarn color combinations and so much more. Which material? Which yarn weight? Which needle size are best for your next project and how to substitute yarn for a pattern. #knitting #knit #yarn #diy
how to count rows in knitting with text overlay that says how to count rows in knitting
How to count rows in knitting for beginners [+video]
yarn and knitting needles with the words how to knit swatches and get gauge
Knitting gauge swatches - How & Why [+5 common mistakes to avoid]
a knitted swatch vs a crocheted swatch Crochet Vs Knit, Knit Or Crochet, Easy Knitting, Knit Crochet
Knitting vs crochet - which is easier?
A detailed post about the differences between knitting versus crochet. WHich is easier to learn, which is faster - the pros and consts of each craft. a close look at the different fabrics and projects you can knit or crochet.
a couple of yarn labels and the headline "how to read a yarn label" Sock Patterns, Knitting Needle Conversion Chart, Knitted Hats, Arm Knitting
How to read a yarn label - knitting 101
a very detailed tutorial on how to read yarn labels for beginners. what do the symbols mean and what should you do with the information. #knitting #knit #diy #yarn
yarn and knitting needles with the words 10 easy ways to join yarn
How to join yarn in knitting
A step by step tutorial on how to join yarn in knitting. 10 different techniques to change colors in knitting or add a new ball in the same color. With or without knots, and with or without weaving in ends later on.
an entrelac knitting pattern and the headline essential entrelac tips for neater results Intermediate Knitting Patterns, Advanced Knitting, Entrelac Knitting, Cable Knitting Patterns, Dishcloth Knitting Patterns
Entrelac tips for neater results
A list of 5 essential entrelac tips to achieve neater results. This knitting stitch is quite amazing but you need to employ a couple of tips for knitting entrelac pattern. Otherwise you end up with holes, yarn peeking through etc. #knitting #knit #diy
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to yarn and knitting needles
10 knitting tips that will make you a better knitting
10 knitting tips that will make you a better knitting. Tips, tricks, hacks, and secret techniques pros use to make their knitting look really neat. Video included with many step by step explanations suitable for beginners.
a couple of knitting tools and the headline 10 smart knitting tips for neater results Knitting Stiches
10 Knitting tips that instantly make you a better knitter
A list with 10 knitting tips, hints and secret techniques that will show you how to get a better knitter. THese are simple twists on standard techniques for neater edges and a better stitch definition. Learn how to knit the right way! #knitting #knit #diy #crafts
someone weaving in ends on a knitted swatch Art, Weave In Ends Knitting
how to weave in ends in knitting
How to weave in ends in knitting. 10 easy techniques to weave in tails for beginners and even some methods that will avoid having to weave in or using a tapestry needle at all. How to do it with cotton/lace, etc. Learn how to knit the right way. #knitting #knit #dyi