Hsiao Ron Cheng

Hsiao Ron Cheng

6 Fashion Illustrations We Love | Bold red lips, golden work on sweater

6 Fashion Illustrations We Love

This is a really nice simple illustration that combines hard and soft very well. The contrast between the very contained, flawless model and the harsh raw garment is done really well. It adds texture to the illustration.

Se um dia de novo te encontrar, passarei adiante, passarei sem te olhar, mas ao meu coração direi surdamente: Silêncio!

Fashion Illustrations by Esra Roise

Esra Røise (Oslo, Norway) "I strive to make beautiful and interesting artwork. Art is always better when there is an actual idea behind it and it is not just something made to be pretty.

'Ice-cream' by Hugo Diaz. - Creative Solutions by Sharp Minds.

This ice cream cone is shape. Not only is it actually shaped like an ice cream cone, the artist has used geometric shapes and arranged them to form the cone

Niky Roehreke cool mixed media illustrations made by hand in Japan #coolhunting #ilustracion

Niky Roehreke Fashion Mixed Media Illustrations

lovely illustration from malika favre....its so good

Malika Favre: Ilustraciones llenas de color y simpleza!

Kelly Smith illustration: Flutter - LIMITED EDITION PRINT

Smith Flutter - LIMITED EDITION PRINT, Flutter exploring texture and line in hand-detailed pencil, while digital elements and ink add subtle hints of contrast, Tasmania, Australia.

wildly DECADENT (Birdy & Me)

Illustration Ltd is proud to exclusively represent Kelly Smith, a professional Illustrator based in Germany. Kelly Smith specializes in fashion, beauty, pencil and graphic design illustrations.

Celine by Lauren Rolwing

Lauren Rolwing fashion illustration Lauren Rolwing is an illustrator and her influences range from artists Paul Rand, Bruno Munari, Ikko Tanaka, & Kvĕta Pacovská.