Beautiful Water Inspired Logos

20 Beautiful Water Inspired Logos

Today we take a look at some beautiful water inspired logos. From crazy water droplets to intricate flowing shapes, we share them all!


Astronaut Design and Typography (Vyacheslav Kirilenko) – logo set----I like the "Alexander Pertsev" and "Eighty-three" logos especially


845 West End Avenue - Logo / design / branding / identity / numbers / love the font choice


20 Vintage & Retro Logo Designs

Designspiration — SeptemberIndustry - The best in international graphic design and everything in between every week. CLASSY TYPOGRAPHY i like this logo. looks like a bike the one below. its simple but at the same time complex.

i know nothing of art or geometry (worst math class ever) but for some reason, i find this cool - Apple Logo deconstructed

Mathematical Design

Thought the Apple logo was simple? Shows how simplicity is actually a product of many complexities. This cool idea is expressed in "Ode to Common Things" by Pablo Neruda. Apple must have read that piece, because simplicity sells.

logos :)

Series Logo designs from a personal and fictional project by Justin Van Genderen. I bet you know some of the companies. “A fresh look at different companies, schools, organizations etc. from pop culture.” via: WE AND THE COLOR

Logo design by Freytag Anderson for Little Black Book.

Brand Identity for Little Black Book by Freytag Anderson - BP&O

Logo design by Freytag Anderson for Little Black Book. ------- The space between the "B" and the outline of the book leaves room for a beautiful shape of negative space inside the book.