Floral CV template

Floral CV template

CV- This super chic, clean, professional and modern resume will help you get noticed! The package includes a resume design, cover letter and references example in a pretty floral theme.

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Portfolio d'architettura IUAV


コピペ自由!美しいグラデーションを180種類揃えた WebGradients

[Web Design Inspiration] A Few Basic Tips For Excellent Web Design >>> For more information, visit image link.


商用可!長く愛用できる人気テクスチャ、パターンの限定素材集 The Comprehensive Texture and Patterns Collection

Résumé Portfolio 프로필

Schematic of a potential CGT Grad student. Totally different then what you wanted, just thought I would throw it out there. I realize it would have to be a good looking student or a vector drawing Design

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