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Pojagi, Korean patchwork quilts have no middle (bulk layer), and are often single-layer in general. This is especially noticeable with transparent and translucent fabrics. Could make a bathroom window private.

작품제목:자유 (free) 2010년 크기:90×230cm 소재:실크(생명주) 바느질법:감침질, 홑보 색:천연염색(쪽indigo)

Something like this for the south living room window. Korean patchwork panels, window inspiration: "From Seam to Seam: Pojagi Fabric Art" Muckenthaler Cultural Center, exhibit

pojagi patchwork

These would be perfect in an old Arts & Crafts home, since so many of them have an Asian feel and stained glass accent windows.


Pojagi (Korean patchwork) used in a dress. The patches are held together by a fine overcast seam

Chunghie Lee, Korea. more on her web site chunghielee.com #pojagi

Chunghie Lee Korean fiber artist explores Korea’s wrapping cloth tradition bojagi i


Pojagi - My Sweet Seoul -- a few clear-hued squares floating over a white ground


Bojagi or bo for short (also pojagi or bojaki) is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth

HOMAGE TO KLEE’, A Work of Art in Contemporary Bojagi by Leonie Castelino, Fiber Artist. Exhibited at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco, California, from June 17 – October 23, 2011. Posted at Dragon Threads

I received an email and photo from Leonie Castelino, American Fiber Artist from Mahwah, New Jersey, who is showing her Contemporary Pojagi.

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . .  Stunning stitching on Purse3, embellished with tatting ~By LindaB

I bet Christine could make one of these for me .I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . Stunning stitching on embellished with tatting ~By LindaB

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