Une infographie interactive retraçant l’évolution de l’ordinateur

"A Visual History of Computers" INFOGRAPHIC - The modern personal computer as we know it is only a recent invention - see how this technology has evolved since the first computer was created

site internet

Business infographic & data visualisation Cmnewmedia is a Montreal Web Design Company that offers affordable Website Design Services top quality ,fast deli

nouveaux tutoriels de qualité gratuits pour Photoshop

How to Create Stylish Flat Space Icons in Adobe Photoshop by Yulia Sokolova, Inspired by recent events in space exploration and discoveries, we’ll go through an exciting process and create trendy flat-style space icons with long.

Magasins connectés 2015 : une étude de plus qui nous confirme que les français sont prêts ! Episode 3 – Les Français attendent avant tout du service

Les français et le digital store : ils attendent avant tout du service

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