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Mimi Jung: Four Teal Walls 2015

Artist Mimi Jung debuted her “Four Teal Walls” series, a set of screens of natural fibers woven over powder-coated steel, at May’s Collective Design fair.

Mediathek / Laboratory of Architecture #3

laboratory of architecture mediatheque aims to fill the deficit of the cultural and educational facilities of the vast industrial area in tbilisi.

사회에 따라 건축물을 받아들이는 자세는 다르다. 단순히 사람들의 거주와 경제활동을 담기 위한 공간 덩어리로…

Kyeong Dok Jai is a private house designed by IROJE KHM Architects in Gyang-si, South Korea/ The shape of the building maximizes natural sunlight during the winter while providing ample space for a garden/ See more of this on

Penetrable in Neon Lime by Jesús Rafael Soto.

10 fun things to do in LA with kids, that don't suck for parents.(Penetrable in Neon Lime by Jesús Rafael Soto)