New Jaguar F-TYPE Concept Sketch - exterior - Beaven #jaguar #FTYPE @jaguarusa

The most desirable Jaguar since the Check out Ian Callum's and Matthew Beaven's homage to the E-Type.

Ian Callum on the Jaguar Project 7 design

The Jaguar E-Type Concept is a study of a sportscar that combines modern strong edges with smooth, classically-inspired lines and proportions. The author is industrial design student Laszlo Varga from Budapest.

Jaguar XJ13 V12 (1966) - Jaguar C-X75 Concept (2010) Interesting to see the evolution.

transitional style development 1966 Jaguar to 2010 Jaguar just proves how good the early Designers were, later generations have trouble creating anything trueley new.

The greatest hits of Ian Callum - BBC Top Gear

Top Gear drives the Jaguar Before Jaguar put its hybrid hypercar on ice, TG got a drive…