Presentation Layout - Fandanz App on Character Design Served

Fandanz App on Character Design Served. I like the bright colours. Would definitely stand out against other apps on the market. Cute illustrations that would attract children. Great inspiration for my interactive book.

App / Pinterest

A very clear design for the Tromsø International Film Festival / iOS app by Hanna Elise Haugerød.

Commute Transit App—Vancouver design studio iPhone App UI Design

Commute App™ is a simple and innovative real-time transit app that aims to make your daily commute an enjoyable experience.We had the privilege of working with local App Developer, Ben Wu in providing solutions to common commuting issues. The Commute Ap…

Making Learning Easier by Design — Google Design — Medium

Making Learning Easier by Design

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Flat out, people usually won’t go out of their way to learn something new. spend time learning during their day.