The Grand Budapest Hotel - Flat Illustrations by Lorena G

Flat illustrations as a tribute to Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel". Lorena G is a Barcelona based art director, illustrator, and graphic designer

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Flat Illustration by Lorena G

Lorena G is a Barcelona-based graphic designer with a thing for Wes Anderson movies. So much so, that after she watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, she got to work on a series of twenty illustrations…

Flat Vector Stock by David Goh, via Behance

Cool retro logo badge designs - Flat Vector Stock by David Goh, via Behance

Zoe Lai icon someone walking over to a book in a blank room, hear foot steps. book opens with information on himself at end person closes and yeats winks and says a quote. book called something modern like yes to yeats with at crossed out or something

Love the line weight, filling in of colours and of course, the colour choices!

Upload by Colin Garven


In general, it is extremely difficult to transition between 3 states on a micro interaction.This is a flawless example of how to do this cleanly, crisply, with an emphasis on narrative flow.