The use of white space plays a big role in dictating the style of the app. I like the consistent layout across different pages.

my_life_app_design_annex.png by Zhao Legs

I always find digital banking tedious and complicated but this interface simplifies every procedure. I like how it allows users to document and visualize their different credit card information and their bank accounts simply.

I pinned this post in regards to general UI/UX design and layout, not regarding to childrens interface.

I am a fan of minimal design and this interface certainly achieves that. I also like the fact that the use of color plays a huge role in telling a story.

SmartHome App offers you to easily connect to various smart home appliances from your smart phones and wearable devices.

The interface shows the important information users would want to know when trying out for workshops: time, address and how many people have registered for the workshops.

Workshop Finder Case Study - I like the pop out people lockup

I like the fact that the interface provides users essential information in a concise way. It also helps users keep track of their calories intake and adjust what they eat later on.

Health Food App Exploration

Health Food App Exploration – User interface by Dany Rizky