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The important bridges around the world do it with Illustrator CS6. You can learn more about the software with our book: http://goo.gl/AclQwt

Recently, global warming issue is one of the greatestthreats to this planet. We want to go campaigning the issue as if it's seen under your very nose. The logo design of the campaign symbolizes a theirmometer which shows the amount of water in the ea…

Low poly floating island

Low poly floating island, great inspiration for creating level designs

Brandscape Architects | Modern8 on Behance - Russ Gray

This poster was designed both as a mailer and as a leave-behind with potential clients who work in the built environment. This project was self-initiated while working at At the time, as I brainstormed marketing for our company, I kept thinking w…

Lighthouse in low poly

Lighthouse in low poly design. Reminds me of "Tip of the Ice Berg" By Owl City.

EDB Singapore on Behance

It's not a surprise that works coming from our friends at Ars Thanea are always, so creative and insanely beautiful. It is abosolutely the case with their project for EDB Singapore.

MIT Technology Review on Behance

The hubs of advanced manufacturing will be the economic drivers of the future because innovation increasingly depends on production expertise. (Read the full story / Illustration by Michiel van den Berg)