A tradiciónálisnak ható fejdísz helyett egy fátyol vagy virág hajdísz és kész esküvői ruha.....  Designed by SUK-HYUN HANBOK.

hanbok (south korea) is the traditional korean dress for women and men. the decorative yoke, the empire waistline and the long flowing dress-like section are some of the striking features render the.

한복 hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

vOGUE Korea Aug 2012 This editorial is about collaboration between Korean modern artist's works and fashion. In Korea, VK hosts exhibition called 'Fashion into Art' that shows Korea's most striking and notable artist's work every year. 'Fashion into Art'

My wedding / 바이단의 한복 컬렉션 가을 정취를 담은 한복 / 기자/에디터 : 도나형 / 사진 : 김성진 / 모델 김미선, 이지민 / 헤어&메이크업 위드(헤어 수민 메이크업 서유진) / 한복 바이단

This is a recollection of Asian traditional clothing and their evolution nowadays. There will be fusion kimono or hanbok, and fashion inspired by those style or fabric.

손짱 디자인한복-퓨전한복 대여,맞춤/한복드레스/결혼식한복 대여/혼주한복 대여

손짱 디자인한복-퓨전한복 대여,맞춤/한복드레스/결혼식한복 대여/혼주한복 대여