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Beginning Beekeeping: Bees Do What Bees Do

Our novice beekeeper learns the painful truth: bees do what bees do -- sting!

Double Jar Feeder for Bee Hive

Double Jar Feeder Base

A great feeder for box-style hives, this double jar feeder includes two lids and is ready for your own mason jars to be screwed on.

How to Make Pollen Patties for Bees - Carolina Honeybees

How to make pollen patties. Knowing when to use pollen patties and when to remove them from the hive promotes strong healthy colonies.

Juice carton bee feeder

Fall Feeding

I began my Fall feeding program today. I’m about three weeks behind where I had intended to be, but I think there will be enough time for the bees to take in sufficient syrup to go into Winter wit…

Entrance Feeder for Hive

Bee Hives and Beekeeping Supplies For Sale | Bee Built

Beekeeping supplies & beehives for sale. Guaranteed free shipping within 24 hours. Top bar hive, Warre hive, and Langstroth bee hive beginner kits.


DIY Bee Yard Feeder + VIDEO Keeping Backyard Bees

If you have several colonies of bees in your yard, feeding a weaker hive during a dearth can set off robbing - which can totally wipe out weaker hives.

Entrance Bee Feeder

Entrance Bee Feeder

Entrance Bee Feeder: In order to develop a strong colony of bees they need to be fed sugar syrup. One of the most convenient ways to feed them sugar syrup is using an entrance feeder. It allows you to easily monitor the level of the Syrup and makes it convenient to re…