Watercolor by Shi Tao (b. 1960, China)   Tibetan girl   (Academic Award) Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts   http://baike.baidu.com/view/1664164.htm  史涛水彩画作品

Watercolor painting, by Shi Tao (b. China) His little'' Tibetan Girl'' won the Academic Award of the First National Contemporary Watercolor Painting Exhibition for Academies and Institutes

Watercolor Painting by Chinese Artist Liu Yunsheng

Watercolor Painting by Chinese Artist Liu Yunsheng. This is a watercolor painting! I thought that this was a photo!

Portrait Step by Step on Watercolor | ARTchat - Porcelain Art Plus (formerly Chatty Teachers & Artists)

Both Tami and Mariela Villasmil-Rodriguez are two top notch portrait painters which have really inspired me to start painting one again. I wanted to do like Mariela does.