Sucré YoYo Packaging.

Product packaging inspiration outer case - great colors - Sucré / Sucré is a line of deluxe yo-yo's inspired by French macarons.

noskam by muskat

Noskam on Behance by Muskat Berlin, Germany curated by Packaging Diva PD. Interesting fictional packaging, fighting the symptoms of

Nature Systems Packaging (Designer: Enric Aguilera & Assc) (Hat Tip: Richard LaRue)

Packaging system for Cinfa's N+S Dietary Supploments. Each item is color coded, clearly marked and showed a photo of the supplement pill. to lose weight loss to lose weight fast

Tamporgency. (More design inspiration at

I brought a product structure from a Tampon. In this small box, there are survival tools that you need in an emergency situation. You can also use the package as a survival guide instruction. Tamporgency will guide you to survive easily and simply.


A Rather Novel Collection Eau De Parfum in Taverns and the Hague by Caroline Sabas; Description from Anthropologie: exotic Oolong spiked with mandarin and lemon zest, violet leaves and rich musk (FRESH)

11025177_804612826241659_7339379594355403076_n.jpg (800×566)

Clean The Ocean - Biodegradable Cleaning Agent on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Topionic (Student Project)

Topionic (Student Project)

Topionic (Student Project) - Love the use of the clean contrast to split the packaging in half with colour

Oliphen - Food Follows Function packaging designed by Typical.​ -

Oliphen - Food Follows Function

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